4% Discount Commission

Maintain a Detailed Property Information File

- Working with a Realtor (Agency Relationship Brochure)

- MLS Listing Ageement (Authority)

- MLS Data Information Form

- Property Check List

- Property Information Statement

- Seller Property Information Statement

- Copy of the Deed

- Copy of the Survey

- Copy of the Charge (Mortgage papers)

- Copy of the Mortgage Verification Response Form

- Certified and Uncertified Accessory Apartment Seller's Disclosure (if applicable)

- Copy of all Condominium Documents (if applicable)

Property Marketing (Basic)

- Toronto Real Estate Board Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

   - Within 48 hours of execution, your listing data will be "Broker Loaded" onto the TREB MLS       System; therefore, available for every Registrant

- Immediate contact with buyer/client data base

- Immediate contact with neighbouring homeowners for the purpose of sourcing out potential buyers from family, friends and acquaintances

Receive a Complete Documentation Package

- Working with a Realtor

   - The Agency Relationship

- A packet of Legal Forms for your Familiarization

    - Agreement of Purchase and Sale

    - Schedule(s)

    - Amendment to Agreement

    - Waiver(s)

    - Tenancy Termination Forms (if applicable)

    - Mutual Release

My Team of Professionals Becomes Your Team

- Homelife/Romano Realty LTD. (Broker Owner and General Manager)

    - Management Services providing diversified backgrounds with in excess of 65 years of hands on     related experience

    - Administrative/Secretarial Support Services offering in excess of 25 years experience

- Real Estate Lawyers

- Home/Building Inspectors

- Mortgage Brokers/Representatives

- Financial Advisor

- Property Management Services

- Insurance Agents

- Architect

- Civil Engineer

- Environmental Engineer

- Surveyor

- Urban Planner

- Trades Personnel

    - Brick Layer

    - Cabinet Maker (Millworker)

    - Carpenter

    - Carpet Installation, Repair and Cleaning

    - Electrician

    - Heating and Air Conditioning

    - Painter

    - Plumber

    - Roofer

    - Tile and Marble Installation

- General Maintenance

    - Handyman

    - Refuse Disposal

    - Gardening and Lawn Maintenance

    - Moving Company

Competency and Professionalism

- Proven counselling, assisting and guiding Buyers and Sellers to reach their dreams

- Achievement Awards

- Professional Advancement Courses

- Problem solving skills relating to the subtleties of the profession

- Negotiation skills empowering the Best Possible Price, within the Minimum Period of Time, with the Least Amount of Inconvenience

- Legal skills pertaining to industry nuances

- Computer/Technical Skills relating to various applications

- Letters of endorsement and recommendations provided

- Provide names and contact number from satisfied clients and customers

Availability (Basic)

- Accessible by cellular phone

- Meet with you at mutually agreed upon times

Post Sale Participation (Basic)

- Recommend experienced real estate Lawyers in order to minimize closing costs

    - Facsimile transmission of documentation to your lawyer

        - Agreement of Purchase and Sale

        - Schedule(s)

        - Amendment to Agreement

        - Waiver(s), etc...

    - Ongoing communication

    - with co-operating salesprson relating to mortgage financing/property inspection conditions and with regard to any other provision, condition or matter pertaining to your sale

    - keeping you abreast of the progress

- Provide moving checklist (things to do)

- Refer moving company (discounted prices)

Prepare a Detailed Competitive Property Market Analysis (Basic)

- List of properties in competition with your home

- List of properties recently sold that compare to your home

- List of properties expired (did not sell) that compare to your home

Minimum Listing Period

- 120 days