4.5% Basic Commission

                      Upgraded and Amended Services in Addition to 4% Commission

Appointment enquiries will be scheduled directly by me!

- The office secretary will not be scheduling the appointment; therefore,
- Immediate awareness of all appointments as compared to being advised later
- Opportunity to qualify requirements of the potential buyer(s)
- Opportunity to highlight features of the property to the Co-operating Salesperson
- Opportunity to promote your property

Professionally Supervised Sales Representative Open House

- Every Sales Representative's business card will be kept for purposes of logging entry, as well, for follow up discussions
- Provide a Custom Designed Brochure highlighting the Features of your home
- Excellent opportunity to discuss the value of your home

Professionally Supervised General Public Open House

- A Registration Log Book (names and contact numbers) will be maintained
- The viewing public will not be allowed entry without providing a name and contact number
- Only one family at a time will be allowed entry in order to:
    - maintain security (eliminate theft) and
    - allow for a professional presentation of your home

- Provide a Custom Designed Brochure highlighting the Features of your home

Property Marketing (Upgraded)

- Internet exposure
- Virtual tour of both interior and exterior of your home
- Professionally designed advertisig flyers, brochures and marketing materials will be prepared and distributed
- Property to be advertised in appropriate media

Checklist Program to Enhance your Home (Upgraded)

- In order to heighten the saleability of your home
    - prepare an interior check list
    - prepare an exterior check list

- Capture the 3 Senses...Sight, Smell and Sound

Dialogue and Follow up (Upgraded)

- Weekly summary update including but not limited to revised Competitive Market Analysis

Availability (Upgraded)

- Available to meet with potential Buyers during evening and day hours

Post Sale Participation (Upgraded)

- Facsimile Transmission and Personal delivery of documentation to your lawyer
- Maintain ongoing communication with your real estate lawyer
- Being present with you during closing process with your real estate lawyer